Saturday, February 14, 2009


Announcement of the 10th International MELUS-MELOW Conference

Venue: Chandigarh
Dates: 25-27 February 2010
Contemporary Issues: Literature and Culture since 1980

In contemporary discourse on society and the arts culture is perhaps one of the most elusive of concepts. It is used by different people in different ways depending upon variables such as region, religion, language and socio-economic class. While anthropologists see culture as the central organizing concept embodied in beliefs and values transmitted across generations through artefacts, objects, institutions and education, literature is one of the most important disciplines relevant to cultural studies and culture in general. The collapse of the hierarchical distinction between high and mass-mediated culture ensures a more vigorous synergy between literature, culture, and society; it reflects the collective experience of the times through an intertextuality that binds individuals and groups together. A critical examination of an age through diverse genres including popular culture, mass media and studies of everyday life unfolds various facets of identity formation as much as it helps in the understanding of our times in all its complex hues.

Keeping in view the uncertainties, anxieties and complexities of our times, the MELUS-MELOW conference of 2010 proposes to debate upon issues focused in art, literature and culture since 1980. In addition to recent developments related to gender, class, race and ethnicity, contributors are encouraged to explore topical issues such as ecology, the new economic order, technical advancement, and hyper-reality. 250-word abstracts of papers related to the theme in these areas are invited from members of MELOW / MELUS-India. The focus will be American Literature / World Literatures.

The following sub-headings may be considered:

1. Violence / terrorism
2. Cross-border collaborations / ventures
3. Culture of capitalism / consumerism
4. Rise of the underdog
5. Mass media/ cinema / advertising
6. Popular culture
7. Moral policing
8. Politics of publishing / awards
9. People in motion
10. Ecology / Environment

Contemporary Issues: Literature and Culture since 1980
Submission of abstract: 30 June 2009
Intimation regarding acceptance of Abstract: 1 August 2009
Submission of Complete Papers: 30 November 2009
Submission of papers for ISM prize: 30 November 2009
Send 250 word abstracts to
The following information should be sent along with the abstract:
1. Title of Abstract
2. Name of Delegate
3.Official designation, Address and email id
4. Home address and Phone number
5. MELUS/MELOW conferences attended earlier (in which year and where)
6. Are you currently a member of MELUS or MELOW? Or do you need a fresh / renewed membership? Please specify.