Thursday, November 28, 2013

ISM Award 2014

For the Isaac Sequeira Memorial Award 2014 four papers have been shortlisted for presentation at the February conference. The competing delegates are:

Debayan Deb Burman
Meenu Gupta
Neepa Sarkar
Sangeeta Singh

Competitors to note. 
This is a prestigious award, please put in your best effort.
All the best.

Delegate fee for the Feb 2014 conference

Details re: payment of delegate fee.
Deadline: Thursday, 5th December
Outstation delegates need to pay a Delegate Fee of Rs. 3,500 for the Conference, which would entitle them to the conference kit, food and accommodation on a shared basis for the duration of the conference (4 nights, 3 days, i.e., from Feb 20th evening to Feb 24th morning). 
Local Delegates from Jammu, and those who do not need accommodation, would need to pay a Delegate fee of Rs. 1200. This would entitle them to the Conference Kit, Lunches and refreshments during the Conference and also a special dinner / social evening with the delegates.
Two Modes of Payment: (i) The Delegate fee (as well as Membership Fee where required) may be paid personally in cash to Ravinder Singh of Jammu University OR to Meenu Gupta of Panjab University, Chandigarh. (ii) The Delegate fee (along with membership fee) may be paid directly vide bank-to-bank transfer.
MELOW bank details are: SB A/c No. with Canara Bank 2845101001459. The IFSC code of Canara Bank, PU, Chandigarh, is CNRB0002845. After transferring the money, send the details of transfer to Meenu Gupta, Treasurer, on email id and to Ravinder Singh at
If you have any further queries, or need any assistance, please feel free to contact Ravinder Singh
We look forward to your participation in the Conference which, however, will be treated as confirmed only on receipt of your delegate fee. Meanwhile, do keep track of updates via the google group, and also on our blog

2.  If you have paid your delegate fee you need to inform Dr Meenu Gupta who is handling membership and delegate fee. Her email id is  
The updated list of delegates who have paid their dues is given below. Please check and revert in case of any discrepancy.

Message from Meenu Gupta:
All members who were two year members till 31.03.2013 cease to be members now.
The following names are added to the list of ten year and two year members. Life member List will remain unchanged.
2013-15 (Two Year Members)
1. Shivani Vashisht (SMVDU, Jammu)
2. Manjot kaur (Chandigarh)
3. Isha Malhotra (Jammu)
4. Gopal Verma(jammu)
5. Attiel Khawar balwan (jammu)
6. Hina Goel (jammu)
7. Ranjita Pati (Orissa)
8. Rajiv Katoch (Jammu)
9. Neela Sarkar (WB)
!0. Hari Dutt (Jammu)
11. Mujjeb Ali (Varanasi)
 12. Manjinder Wratch
13 Shiva Durga
14 Vinita Jha
15 Kushal Andrews Biswas
16 Shuchi Srivastava
17 Samina Azhar
18 Minakshi Prasad Mishra
19 Umasankar patra
Ten year Membership up to 31.03.2022
1. Monbinder
2. Nilakshi
3. Satyajit
4. Jayanta Kar.
Ten Year Membership up to 31.03.2023
1.Ambri Shukla
2. Sarabjeet
3. Sukhpreet Ghuman
4.Sunita Ghargrge
5 Charu Mishra
6 Shamenaz Shaikh

List of Delegates (paid Rs 3500)
1.     Shivani  Vashisht (Rs 1200)
2.      Satyamvada Singh
3.       Khemraj Sharama
4.     Jyoti Mishra
5.     A.k. Choudhary
6.      Vinita Jha
7.     Seema Bhupendra
8.      Ranjita Pati
9.      T. Ravichandran
10   Kushal Andrew Biswas
11.      Shuchi Srivastva
12.   Samina Azhar
13.    Suman Swati
14.  Ambri Shukla.
15 Neela Sarkar
16 Minakshi Prasad
17 pranav Joshipura
18Umasankar patra
19E.Mathew Spouse
20 Mulkul Sengupta
21 Ranjita Pati Spouse
22 Manju Jaidka
23 Anil Raina
24 Meenu Gupta
25Vandhana Sharma
Seema Bawa