Thursday, September 24, 2015

Acceptance of Abstracts

Acceptance / regret emails have been sent to all delegates.
In case of doubt please contact   
(only in case of doubt!)
Also, please check your security settings and spam bin, too, just in case....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

ISM Long List

Abstracts of the following ISM competitors have been selected in the first round:

Anjum Tahir
Bhanupriya Rohilla
Khem Raj Sharma
Neepa Sarkar
Nisha Vishwanathan
Panchali Mukherjee
Renuka Dhyani
Rima Chakraborty
Rudrani Gangopadhya
Saidul Haque
Sugandha Malhotra..

You need to submit full papers (approx 3500 - 4000 words, following the latest MLA Handbook) by the 15th of November.
Congratulations on getting through the first round.
Send your papers to me at

Other ISM delegates whose abstracts have not been shortlisted may appear in the General Category with the other participants. They need not submit advance papers but should bring them along for the conference.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

List of ISM Competitors, Feb 2016 Conference

This is a list of names who are competing for the Isaac Sequeira Memorial Award, 2016. In case of discrepancy please email rightaway!

List of ISM competitors:

1. Anjum Tahir
2. Arpita Ghosh
3. Aruna Bhat
4. Avinanda Nath
5. Baljeet Kaur
6. Bashabi Gogoi
7. Bhanupriya Rohila
8. Bipasha Som
9. Gurleen Babra
10. Ishita Jain
11. Khem Raj Sharma
12. Krishanu Adhikari
13. Lois Jose
14. Lisha Sinha
15. Mansi Mehra
16. Mongneilam Kipgen
17. Narendra Kumar
18. Neepa Sarkar
19. Nisha Vishwanathan
20. Oindrilla Ghosh
21. Panchali Mukerjee
22. Parminder Singh
23. Preeti Singh
24. Rakesh Kumar
25. Reema Chakrabarti
26. Renuka Dhyani
27. Rima Chakraborty
28. Ritika Singh
29. Rudrani Gangopadhya
30. Shah Al Mamun Sarkar
31. Saidul Haque
32. Shweta Tewari
33. Somjit Haldar
34. Sreenath V.S.
35. Sugandha Malhotra
36. Sukanya Mondal
37. Suman Sharma
38. Sumati
39. Sunaina Jain
40. Surya Kiran
41. Ujhala Devi

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Regarding abstracts for 2016 MELOW

We received about 200 abstracts for the Feb 2016 conference. They are being screened at present by the committee in charge.
Approximately 40 of these submissions are for the ISM Competition.
The names of all ISM competitors will be posted on the Facebook and Blog.
From the ISM participants a 'longlist' will be selected and then a 'shortlist'.
The shortlisted participants will be asked to send in complete papers by a given deadline.
Those who are not shortlisted/longlisted will be allowed to present papers in the General Category, ie, as non-competitors.
General Category, (non-ISM presenter), please note:
Your Acceptance letters will be sent as soon as possible.
You do not need to send in full papers. Just bring them along for the conference.
Thank you for your patience.