Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dharamshala Delegates: Regarding Presentation Time

Dharamshala Delegates, please note:
Each presenter will get fifteen minutes for reading his/her paper or for making the power point presentation, followed by a seven minute discussion. We suggest that though one may write as long a paper as one wishes to, the presenter should focus on the key-points only ( in case the paper is more than than 2,000 words, or of more than ten slides with an average of 90 seconds per slide).
The ISM presenters will get twenty minutes for reading/presentation plus ten minutes for discussion. They are therefore advised to read/present the key points of their paper, and not read the whole paper (in case the paper is more than 2500 words).
The schedule has already been circulated via email. For any doubts please contact
Details regarding accommodation will soon be circulated.
Stay tuned.