Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Instructions to all delegates of the February 2015 Conference

Instructions to all delegates of the February 2015 Conference:

1. You will get only 15 minutes for reading/presenting your paper. We suggest that in case of a long paper, you identify in advance, portions that you would like to read from your paper so that your reading/presentation does not exceed 15 minutes.
2. You need to submit a soft or hard copy of the paper/ power point presentation in advance. You may do it any time, now or later, but definitely before you present your paper. All references/ borrowings from print, internet, or other sources need to be acknowledged. Certificate of paper presentation will be issued only if the copy of the paper presented is submitted to the Panel head.
3. If you want your paper to be considered for publication, the documentation should strictly follow MLA Handbook (seventh edition) guidelines.
4. Except in cases where the organizers have given exemption valid reasons, certificate of participation will be issued to only those participants, who attend the conference on ALL three days.

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