Sunday, September 20, 2015

ISM Long List

Abstracts of the following ISM competitors have been selected in the first round:

Anjum Tahir
Bhanupriya Rohilla
Khem Raj Sharma
Neepa Sarkar
Nisha Vishwanathan
Panchali Mukherjee
Renuka Dhyani
Rima Chakraborty
Rudrani Gangopadhya
Saidul Haque
Sugandha Malhotra..

You need to submit full papers (approx 3500 - 4000 words, following the latest MLA Handbook) by the 15th of November.
Congratulations on getting through the first round.
Send your papers to me at

Other ISM delegates whose abstracts have not been shortlisted may appear in the General Category with the other participants. They need not submit advance papers but should bring them along for the conference.


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