Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dharamshala Delegates: Regarding Refunds to Jammu participants

Dharamshala Conference delegates please note:
Three delegates from Jammu have made a request for refund of their delegate fee, because March 11 has been announced as the date for SET in J&K. We are in the process of booking hotel rooms with HPTC hotels, Kunal and Dhauladhar in Dharamshala, and they are asking for 100% non-refundable advance. We are likely to pay the required amount on 8th December. Anyone wanting the refund of his/her delegate fee because of SET should send in his/her request by 6th December. (email to We will be refunding the money paid minus Rs 500. Please let it be clear that no request for Refund will be entertained, if received after 6th December.
Anil Raina (President, MELOW)

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